Tanning Beds at Key Largo Tan!

At Key Largo Tan, we provide the best tanning equipment in the world- Ergoline sunbeds. These German-made tanning beds, ensure our client's are getting the deep dark, bronze tan they desire. Ergoline prides itself on modern styling, high tanning power and luxurious features- come see why they make us Granite City's best tanning salon!

Ergoline Tanning Bed
Level 5 Sunbeds
Tanning Salon Granite City

Ergoline Excellence 850

- A quick 12-min tanning session

- Our most bronzing & popular sunbed

- Cool, air conditioned sessions

This sunbed is our most popular  for a reason! The 20, high pressure canopy units bring out your skin's deep dark tones while the air conditioned session keeps you cool all 12-minutes! This bed gives instant results you can see after just 1-2 sessions!

Level 4 Sunbeds
Tanning Salon Granite City

Ergoline Excellence 880

- A quick 12-min tanning session

- Achieve a beautiful tan in just a few sessions

Cool, air conditioned sessions

Our Level 4 sunbed combines outstanding tanning power and a comfortable air conditioned tanning session. The tan you'll receive from the bed's special ultra performance lamps will rival any beach vacation!

Level 3 Sunbeds
Tanning Salon Granite City

Ergoline Ambition 300

- A 15-min tanning session

- Build or maintain a dark tan

The Ambition 300 combines to different types of body lamps with 3 powerful facial tanners. This sunbed is a perfect bed for building and maintaining a dark tan!

Tanning Bed Granite City

SunDash 252 Radius
- A 12-min tanning session

- The world's most-powerful stand-up

The most tanning power available in a tanning bed! The 252 Radius is an amazing Level 3 sunbed that gives Level 5 results. You'll notice a dark difference, in your tan, after just a few sessions!

Level 2 Sunbeds
Tanning Bed Granite City

Soltron KISS

- A 15-min tanning session

- Build or maintain a dark tan

As a Level 2 sunbed, the Kiss is in a class of it's own. 3 facial tanners ensure you keep a beautiful bronze glow while you maintiaan or build  your all-over tan!

Level 1 Sunbeds
Tanning Salon Granite City

Soltron Seashell

- A 20-min tanning session

- Build or maintain a dark tan


Our entry-level sunbeds are perfect for those that want a longer relaxing session for some much needed 'me' time. Unlike many Level-1 beds, the Seashell has a dedicated facial tanner, keeping you beautifully bronzed from the neck up!

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