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VersaSpa revolutionized the sunless spray tanning  industry, combining comfort, quickness and best of all- beautiful tans. The VersaSpa is a heated booth, that guides you step by step through your session and applies a thorough blow dry to get you on your way! Before entering the booth, you'll apply a pre-sunless primer to balance the pH of your skin and ensure the longest lasting, best looking results. Next, you'll pick your choice of clear or instant bronzing spray. The VersaSpa offers 3 different levels of darkness to choose from. After your bronzing spray, we recommend an anti-aging moisturizer treatment that will hydrate your skin and extend the life of your spray tan.


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VersaSpa Sunless Spray Tanning

A beautiful tan in under 5 minutes!

Prior to arriving at Key Largo:

  • Shower & Exfoliate Your Entire Body(Helps to create an even and longer lasting spray tan)

  • Shave/Wax(Shaving after your session will shorten the life of your tan)

  • Do not apply any moisturizer to your body(Lotion serves as a barrier to the VersaSpas spray)

  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothing(Tight clothes can rub against your skin and alter the evenness of your spray tan)

After Your VersaSpa Spray Tan Session:

We recommend waiting 6-8hrs after your session to shower.  This time period gives your radiant sunless tan time to develop.  During this time you should not perform any activities that make you sweat or involve exposure to water.


To prolong your spray tan and keep your skin hydrated, use a premium moisturizer after you shower and several times throughout each day.  Talk to a Key Largo team member about the best moisturizers to use to extend the life of your tan. 

Want a full walk-through? Check out this video!

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